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VOX Media Cafe Update: Interactive Media week brings fun filming frenzy to VOX

Posted By: Alexandria Wilson · 7/26/2013 3:46:00 PM
It’s Interactive Media week at VOX and with 15 campers and seven Turner Broadcasting, Inc. instructors coming into the space, lots of different activities are happening in every nook and cranny of the VOX office – and outside of it. 

“We went over some of the basics of storytelling,” says Lindsey Knox, one of the instructors for this week, about Monday. The teens also learned about photography basics, how to interview, and participated in an interviewing workshop, where the teens practiced their interviewing skills.

On Tuesday, the teens paired up with one instructor and started brainstorming interview topics. After each individual group came up with a topic, they performed research and took to the streets to capture footage and interview people on their topic.

The teens strengthened their communication, videography and interviewing skills. One thing the VMCrs learned about was the rule of thirds, which is used when shooting stills, and ...

VOX Media Cafe Update: Interactive Media week comes to a close, with teens presenting projects

Posted By: Mac Rowe · 7/25/2013 10:57:00 AM

As the last week of VOX Media Cafe creeps to its end, it’s a bittersweet end for our adult staff, interns, instructors, and of course, the participants.

We’re continuing the two-week installment of Interactive Media. This week, the teens are learning how to build a website from our Turner Broadcasting, Inc. and CNN instructors.

Monday the teens got a good old lecture from Sean O’Key, Curt Merrill, and Bryan Perry in the morning about the elements of a good multimedia package. Later that day the teens discussed writing a lede and enhanced their photography skills with instructors Moni Basu and Elizabeth Johnson.

The next day, Elliot McLaughlin, a CNN Writer, provided his high energy and got everyone through a day of interactive elements such as charts, graphics and maps. (Not that it was a difficult day for the teens, considering they can tackle anything that comes their way!)

Wednesday, the ...

VOX Media Cafe Update: Teens put poetic skills to practice for performance later in week

Posted By: Vaughn Cyrus · 7/10/2013 1:23:00 PM

It’s Poetry Week at Vox Media Café, and so far we have had two great instructors to creative juices flowing.

Monday, Natalie Cook, a former VOX teen and the summer alumni intern at VOX, spoke of important issues concerning the youth, such as domestic abuse and racism – topics teens may want to consider when writing. Natalie also presented her popular poem, “Declaration of Independence,” to the teens as an example of writing poetry with a journalistic approach. Afterwards, the teens wrote poems expressing their feelings toward some of the problems discussed.

Jericho Brown, writer of the award-winning book of poems “Please,” stopped by Tuesday and edited the teens’ poems, to strengthen the structure and inspiration in some of the participants’ heads.  

"Jericho helped get my creativity to another length,” says Anita Rollins, 15, a sophomore at Banneker High School.           

Wednesday, Dylan Hansen the chief lyricist and ...

VOX Potpourri: Key Witness in Zimmerman trial may prove difficult for case

Posted By: Vaughn Cyrus · 6/27/2013 1:17:00 PM

The George Zimmerman trial is still heating up this week.

Wednesday, the court had Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jeantel testify, with questioning continuing today. She was the last person to talk to Trayvon Martin before being fatally killed by Zimmerman last year. Zimmerman’s attorneys are arguing it was in self-defense.

Jeantel recounted to jurors her and Trayvon’s phone conversation the night of his death and discussed the details of a letter she wrote to his mom.  

According to Jeantel, Martin was yelling at Zimmerman asking, “Why he was following him?” to which she told Martin to run away from Zimmerman. She then said she heard Martin’s earpiece from his phone drop into wet grass and heard Martin scream, “Get off! Get off!” Jeantel then said that the phone went dead and that was the last thing she heard Martin say.

Jeantel left some details out to spare Martin’s family, ...