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Life lessons from Justin Bieber

Posted By: Christian Stallworth · 4/18/2014 10:00:00 AM

Why does Justin Bieber seem to be the highlight of every news story and every new scandal? People are so concerned with what he is doing and he is aware of this, so much so that he becomes even more reckless with every attack. If the world unceasingly keeps tabs on a person’s life and stalks someone enough, then that person will surely put on a show. Like most of us, all Justin seems to wants is love, fun, relaxation, and to be left alone.

 His on-again, off-again romance with fellow pop star Selena Gomez seems to be fueling a lot of his behavior. It is clear that he is love struck and this is possibly the reason he’s pulling these stunts. Even though we feel that he is not yet mature, he claims that as he gets older, he is starting to understand love more, which makes him ...

With her solo debut, singer Hyolyn lives up to her "Korean Beyonce" nickname

Posted By: Jade Eckels · 4/17/2014 3:53:00 PM

Hyolyn, "Love & Hate" album review

Note to the reader: This is a Korean-language album. All of the songs feature at least one English word.  All specific lyrics referenced in the following review are English lyrics. 

 The ten-track solo album from respected Korean singer Hyolyn was much anticipated for fans who were familiar with her powerful voice, which has earned her the nickname “The Korean Beyonce.” She was first introduced into the Korean music scene as a member and lead singer of five-person Korean pop (K-pop) girl group Sistar in 2010.  The album “Love & Hate” marks Hyolyn's debut as a solo artist.

 The album starts off beautifully and somberly with “Lonely.” This highly addictive track features Hyolyn's sweet and slightly scratchy voice as she mourns the loss of a lover and, as a result, the loss of her happiness. Whether you understand Korean or not, the tone, ...

RoboCop reboot: How does the new action film compare to the 1987 original?

Posted By: VOX Staff · 4/17/2014 3:06:00 PM

While actor Samuel L. Jackson, the star of the new “Robocop” cautions audiences against comparing this version to the 1987 original, there are some things that I simply must talk about.  The new film focuses heavily on hero Alex Murphy's family and his transition from father and husband to father, husband, and machine. There was no theme of family in the original (Murphy's wife and son had left town, believing him to be dead). Bur family is a central theme in this new remake.  After an accident occurs his wife, Clara Murphy, is given the choice of taking Alex off life support and letting him die or allowing him to live a very different life as a man and a machine.  Alex Murphy's accident come as a result of Murphy and his partner Jack Lewis (Michael K. Williams) being discovered while working undercover on a suspected weapon smuggling business. His ...

Young the Giant delivers big emotional evening for fans

Posted By: Alexandria Wilson · 3/1/2014 10:11:00 AM

My fellow press photographers and I were escorted through a cleared path that cut straight through to the pit at the front of the Tabernacle stage. As fans awaited the members of Young the Giant to hit the stage February 22 in downtown Atlanta, the air was thick with anticipation, humid heat, and filled with the murmurs of eager fans. When we reached the designated area for the press, my nose was greeted by the edge of the stage. It didn’t register in my mind just how close I would be to the band until the lights dimmed and a wall of screams bombarded  me as the members of Young the Giant stepped onto the stage.  The first few notes of “Anagram” caused the screams to double in force and volume.

Whenever the beat dropped, the drums pounded, or the mood of the song shifted, the lights behind the band ...

Fifty years later, screams for The Beatles still resonate with teens

Posted By: VOX Staff · 2/9/2014 12:44:00 PM

By Jade and Divanna Eckels, VOX staff

Screams erupted in "The Ed Sullivan Show" theater on February 9, 1964 as The Beatles began the first song of their set, "All My Lovin'. "  This moment, first broadcast 50 years tonight, marked the first time that The Beatles were on American television. Shrill screams erupt for The Beatles, and not just when they’re performing, but anytime that their group name is mentioned.  It seems as if everyone in the studio audience was there for The Beatles. 

They perform their set with smiles on their faces, basking in the support from the audience, made up almost entirely of teenage girls.  They sing live with perfect pitch and play their instruments with ease.  The camera focuses mostly on The Beatles but occasionally goes out to the audience, usually focusing on a different girl each time.  Each girl  is fidgeting due to unbridled excitement.  ...