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VOX Through the Years
Join us on a trip through time as we celebrate VOX’s 20 years of teen voice, leadership and opportunity in metro Atlanta.

VOX Stories

  • Lousy Labels

    Beware dreaded labels; they won't help you know someone

    When I told people about my Asperger’s, they would make fun of me or wouldn't believe me. The other day it happened to me again. I told some of my classmates about my diagnosis during lunch, and they laughed. When I told them that I was serious they continued to laugh and told me to stop playing around. The worst response is when I tell people and they immediately think they know everything about me because of some notion they had about all people with Asperger’s. Read More
  • HoPe: Breathe It, Live It, Love It

    Local organization helps Hispanic students find support through community

    Though born in Los Angeles, I was raised by my grandmother in Monterrey, Mexico. When I came to the United States at the age of 7, it wasn’t just the language and culture that startled me. For the longest time, I struggled to reconcile the American systems of race, economics, and class. Had it not been for the help of many teachers and mentors, I would never have managed to overcome my confusion and problems with identity. I still wonder at how much control I was able to take over my future, simply because somebody cared enough to push me in the right direction. Read More
  • Let Your Asexual Flag Fly

    Asexuality in the 21st century: largely unrecognized until now

    Admit it: we live in a world where people are constantly obsessed with sex (who is having it, who isn’t, or just the idea). According to the National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsivity, 6 - 8 percent of Americans are addicted to sex. The percentage represents 18-24 million people who dwell inside the United States of America. This leaves the rest of the population either not addicted to sex, or not into it at all. Read More
  • The Blueprint

    My high school experience as a map to my future

    Halls that seemed so big four years ago seem so small now. From feeling like an ant in the school to standing over freshmen this year — my, have things changed. Four years ago, I used to think 2015 would never come. The thought of it being here is scary but exciting. A lot has changed, but one difference I can put my finger on is the maturity I have gained from freshman year to senior year. I have grown up in many ways, including my outlook on the world and the way I carry myself both in and out of school. Read More

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VOX Fact

In 2013-2014, 100 percent of VOX teen staff graduate from high school, and most go on to college. Recent VOX alumni have enrolled at schools including:

Auburn University
Agnes Scott College
Brenau University
Columbia College of Chicago
Georgia State
University of Georgia
University of Southern California
College of Wooster
Clark Atlanta University
Boston University
Kennesaw State University
Brandeis University
Brevard College
Syracuse University